Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Block enhancing

In betwixt doing the laundry, cleaning and cooking that are a regular part of my " before I go back to the day job" ritual on Tuesdays, I took some time to play with one of the blocks I did yesterday. This block was was printed with the dessicated stamp pads (read: dried out) and it was pretty pallid looking all in all. I wanted to keep it fairly monochromatic and low key. When I started adding some color though before I realized it - time had flown by. It's a bit more vibrant than this photo shows but still gentler looking than my usual work. I think my next big investment will be in a better digital camera....though I love my small Olympus. I tried fiddling with the white balance too - and that did not seem to make any improvement. Oh well - you'll get the idea and this is not too far off to begin with. First I guess I will have to stop buying paints ... and that's a bit too hard to do !

For some time now, I had been wanting to get some Golden Fluid Acrylic paints to try.
The darn things are really pretty spendy though and I thought that I was never going to be able buy them. I generally use Blick for my art supplies - but found a set from artsuppliesonline that has 16 one ounce bottles - on sale no less. I splurged ! Now, I will get to try them out ! I'm also planning to place my next order for Stewart Gill paints really soon too.... end of the month I hope. I HAD to order some more stamp block material and since Blick did not carry Speedy-Cut from Speedball - which Joggles carries - I am going to try the Blick EZ Cut material this time. Uh oh ! This really could be an obsession I feel coming on ! Now how to combine it with glass, wool and photographs ?!

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