Saturday, May 19, 2007

One More Round of MeMe

This is one of four quart sized hummingbird feeders that we have out. All of the feeders are very busy. We are now going through 6-8 quarts of food a day.Hummingbirds are great 'teachers' ! They are small yet feisty ; fragile yet strong; resilient; joyful and just plain amazing !

Once again my bud Sarah has tagged me.
Once again, I will be at a loss to know who to tag in return - this could, conceivably, go on forever....perhaps that is the idea !

1. My favorite colors are "ick" greens and orange.
As an aside to this:
Last week I had bought a few beads at the local bead store on Friday. On Saturday I realized that I did not have the bag ! I called the store and they had found the bag . They put my name on it and held it for me. When I went in the following Tuesday to retrieve it one of the clerks with who I am friendly said "...are these your beads? They were not with the bag but they were YOUR colors so I figured they were yours!..." Molly's a peach and I just had to chuckle to myself that I known by "my" colors !

2. When I got my pilot's license 25 years ago my father's comment was "...yeah - you're a pilot and I'm Abe Lincoln!..." He liked it though when I took him flying !

3. I taught basic meteorology to an air force class. I think I have since forgotten the material!

4. I was once a runner - taking first place the "masters" (read that as older!) category for 10K at age 45.

5. I went to Woodstock (yes, technically I was too young) - my parents thought I was visiting a friend! I only lasted 1.5 days though - it was too dirty for me and I had to go to a hotel (my fathers used to be a VP of a large chain) for a hot bath and room service !

6. I used to hang out at the Fillmore East in New York City - at the time Bob Dylan was still playing on smaller clubs .

7. I am glad to have survived numbers 2 thru 6!

That's IT for me - I am now happily enjoying a quiet life and actively try to avoid drama!

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