Thursday, May 17, 2007

Passion for Applique

Some time ago I started making a Baltimore Album Styled Quilt. I am sure that the original "Baltimore Ladies" would cringe at my color choices ! I have used all batiks for my version of 'their' quilt. I love hand applique and this project seemed like it would be a good follow up to a Dear Jane Quilt that I had finished (see bottom photo). I taught myself how to applique while I worked on the Dear Jane which I called "Garden of 'A'" (for applique). It was a particularly good learning exercise.

The Baltimore blocks are intense - lots of tiny pieces - but I really enjoyed working on them . Problem was I got burned out and wondered if I would ever manage to finish TWENTY of them .... hummmmm. I have left this project alone for a long time but I am, once again, feeling the urge to move forward on it. I have, I THINK, figured out a design that would look good with 4 to 6 of these 16" blocks. I am almost done with block 4 (no photo of this one yet). That gave me new hope. Now I have to see if my plan will work. Of course the 'plan' will require more applique - but not quite as intense perhaps! Stand by for updates, but perhaps you ought not hold your breath !

Here is a part of my "Garden of 'A'". This project took several years to complete - and is king sized quilt - larger probably, than my Baltimore adventure will be. Then again, who knows !

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dinahmow said...

A blogger hitch in the comments box- 'comments' is turned off!
The same thing happened to several of us a couple of days ago;think it has to do with blogger's update.
But if you go to the edit page, the comment enabling tab is near the bottom left, just above the 'publish' tab.(It was formerly at the top of the dashboard whatsit!)
Just thought you might be wondering why no one is talking to you!

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