Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bowled Over : A Passion For Rounded Objects

I have a passion for rounded objects. Old bowls excite me and baskets can send me 'over the moon'. I like to make functional items - things to use and enjoy. Things to hold other things. After paging through the book "Textile Coil Pots And Baskets: Easy Ways With Fabric And Cord" by Helen Deighan - I knew I had to try making some. Of course that set me off on a tangent and I ended up making a series of beaded bowls. In the photo above, the one on the left was made from commercial fabric and the one on the right is hand painted with dye. Both have beaded rims and fused glass embellishments. I made a series of these wonderful, useful bowls.

Felted, knitted baskets are another fine obsession for me - and I tend to work in series - changing the pattern as I go. I don't think I would have started to knit either had it not been for Sarah's felted booties and for a book called "Pursenalities" by Eve Wiechmann. For some reason I had ordered the book from one or another book club and when I opened it the first thing I saw was a 'bubble' bag. Love at first sight! I made about 25 of these babies in all shapes and sizes and colors. I am especially fond of the odd boat shape . It's got
"character" !

My latest little series started with a pattern from It's for a 'Victorian Pence Pouch' How could I resist?! The first photo below is from some ribbon yarn - and I follwed the instructions - well mostly. The photos after that one are of my derivatives. I seem to be unable to just let well enough alone ! By now you probably get the idea - I'm hunting for the next pattern that will feed my basket & bowl fetish !


Karoda said...

I love fabric coiled baskets and the idea of embellishing them with glass is cool. I might add this book to my list.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

And that beautiful Caribbean colors basket is mine mine MINE! And I look at it every morning and think of you {gggg}.

How big are the pence baskets / bags?

Hugs, Sarah

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