Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Spindolyn: What a Cool Tool !

What is this odd looking thing? ! It is one cool little spinning tool ! I have not spun for more years than I care to admit. .. and that means 20 + years !! I decided that I wanted to give it a try again. We have a Samoyed and I wanted to see how his hair would spin. I looked for a used spinning wheel on line and I soon found that I could not afford one - even a used one was pricey ! I wish I had kept the one I had !

I borrowed this book from the library called , "Spin to Knit" . It has a chapter on Catherine Goodwin and her Spindolyn. It seemed like a good alternative to a drop spindle and I decided to order one.

It arrived today - and it's a little treasure. Easy to use - even for an "almost have never spun anything before" person like me. Yes, it will take some practice to perfect the yarn - but most anything worthwhile does I think. The web site has a great little video on how to use the 'Spindolyn' ..and it comes in a choice of finishes. Shipping was fast and the quality is great. If you have wondered about spinning but haven't known how to make a "baby step" in that direction this would be a great option -- IMHO.

If you are interested the website is:
I have no affiliation - I just love cool tools that work ! Plus, I really am a gadget gal !

1 comment:

Granny Fran said...

That is the greatest! Much better than my drop spindle or a Navajo thigh spindle.

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