Friday, May 11, 2007

Spring Finally Arrives

I think Spring has finally arrived here in the Pacific Northwest. We are on our fourth day of sunshine. I think a lot of us are feeling giidy from the intake of vitiman D we are synthesizing !

Seriously, I hope it lasts for awhile ... it's glorious! The bees & the ants are busy enjoying the flowers that are finally making an appearance. I brought in my first fragrant vase of lilacs yesterday.

This is one of a pair of eagles who wait anxioulsy for their daily feast. They swoop & swing over the house when it's near feeding time. Their singing is sibilant ! A joy to hear. There is a flock of raucous crows that join them - I think they are amazing birds - brillant, dark feathers glisten in the sun . They can become quite strident with their demands. We also have two pairs of red tailed hawks who wait more patiently that the rest. They are my personal favorites - such a majesty about them. I like watching the pattern in their outstretched wings as they fly - reminds me of egyptian tomb paintings. I am dreaming of the cherries that will come from this blossoming tree too .... it's such a wonderful time of year ! Filled with the promise of Summer bounty. Meanwhile, Cleo too (last photo) is dreaming - her next adventure in catnip land!


Quail Hill Knits said...

I will be back in Washington in four days. I can hardly wait. I loved the picture of the eagle in your tree. What are they waiting to eat?

Quilting Journey said...

Found your blog by linking and what a real treat. Your photography is lovely, but your bags and bowls are outstanding. I have had basket fetishs my entire life, but they have all been store bought. I plan on one of the clothesline amassing my 12 yards of stripping! You have inspired me so very much! Thank you for a lovely read this morning!

Granny Fran said...

Wonderful photos of Bachelor's Buttons and bees. Glad that JenClair linked to your blog. My hubby didn't recognize a volunteer clump of Bachelor's Buttons and mowed them down as weeds. One of the first flowers I remember as a child.

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