Monday, April 23, 2007

What Will This Become?

I love making felted fabric - it seems like magic to me. I have been making felted "fabric" starting with a base of 'pre-felted' wool ( & www. but decided to try something different with this piece using Timtex as a base. It gets softer with age, use and washing yet remains strong and supple. The first picture below shows some of the rovings I am using in this piece & the second photo is the back of the felted Timtex... it has a really nice soft hand even now before washing and felting. I use the Bernina felting attachment on my beloved orange 153 QE. Today I had a heck of a time with broken needles - the first time I have ever broken any at all. I had no more precut needles in size 40 or 38 on hand so I winged it and cut some size 40 hand felting needles with my Dremel to fit in to the attachment -thankfully that worked and I had no further problems. I DID order some more precut felting needles from Denise at Denise is the owner and is a wonderful source of information about felting, felting machines, needles and supplies. Her product quality is wonderful and she ships quickly.

I owe my friend ,Bonnie, a birthday present (from February!) and had originally planned this piece for her - after I made it into a into a cell phone cover...but now I am thinking it should perhaps become a landscape or something. I'll have to see how it feels when it is felted. I use a vintage 1940's glass washboard for felting the fabric. It does a great job ! I'll play some more today and see what I decide. It may just be Bonnie's cell phone cover after all! Below are two of the cell phone covers - for a flip phone .

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