Sunday, April 22, 2007

Magazine Addication; It's a Glossy Thing

My name is Marie and I am addicted to Magazines. This photo shows a small grouping of the most recent additions to my collection of glossy paged beauties. I subscribe to many - probably too many, although I have actually let a few slide this year. The ones I let go were replaced with other subscriptions . They must have called to me more urgently I guess. Generally, my selections follow my interests. I pass along several titles to my hairdresser - she likes my magazines because they add variety to what she already gets - things like Woman’s Wear Daily, Vogue , Harper’s Bazaar & People. My friend Maria, who is also a magazine hound, gives me gift subscriptions to magazines that I would never know existed if she didn’t! Domino and Cottage Style are about home design and decoration. I LOVE looking at them and imagining possibilities. I might get inspired to actually do something! These treasures get passed along to other equally decoratively challenged friends.

I have quilting magazines that go back to the 80’s (well - maybe even late 70’s). I am slowly whittling the piles down - removing articles that were dog- eared for interest. I have even managed to compile some of those whittled stacks into binders - labeled by interest topic. The recycle bins groan under the weight of the discarded portions of these treasured magazines. I feel the weight lifted from my ever encroaching clutter - almost a giddy release of the obligations of “projects never started”.

I promise myself that I will do better. Whittle more, sell off what I don’t care to go through. These treasures are, after all, quilt history right ?! I am trying. I hate clutter and yet my life is filled with it. So I am going to start where I can to reclaim some space. I’ll try to resist the urge to replace one patch of cleared shelf space with another title. No, I won’t relinquish my complete set of Quilting Arts Magazine or Cloth, Paper, Scissors. That would be painful - and besides - i might actually use those techniques !

I am glad that we have so many choices in our magazines. They all hold promise, adventure and possibilities - if only we could magically take the exemplars out of the pages & and make them manifest before our eyes ! Until that kind of mind control can happen however - I will probably continue to buy magazines . There are far worse addictions to have !
If anyone is longing for old issue of a quilting magazine - be sure to let me know !

1 comment:

margaret said...

I share your addiction, and am encouraged to hear that someone finds it possible to take out the dog-eared articles and throw away the rest of the magazine. I'm working towards that ....

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