Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quilts & Clowning Around

What a treat to "meet" someone on line who resonates with you ! I personally think that developing a friendship via the internet is difficult. SO much is lost in translation and so much can be misinterpreted so easily. Somewhere at the beginning of 2007 a woman wrote to me - asking about my email address : zquilts. She is 'zartstudio'. We discussed our "Z's" !

Her name is Kathy Zeiben & she lives (in of all places!) outside of Houston, Texas. Aside from being a very talented mosaic artist she is very talented quilt artist. Her style is whimsical and happy. We seemed to have an immediate connection and I have to say that at this point a day without an email from her makes my in-box seem very empty.

Among other talents Kathy is also a professional clown ! That's her on the left in the picture at the top of this post. Her clown "handle" is TicToc. Her clown pictures make me happy just looking at them ! Kathy is also an amazing photographer and a virtuoso with collaged quilts - her style is happy and free. See her wonderful work at at:

I am blessed to have found a kindred spirit and quilting cyber- friend. Kathy is dragging me into the world of video through IChat (who knew that it really works?!) and she is a caring, talented person who I am pleased to consider a friend. I learn stuff from her all the time ! I am not the most outgoing of people - at least with people that I don't know well.... but friends like Kathy help me realize that care and quilt chat is just an email away !

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