Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's All Sarah's Fault !

I get cold feet in the Winter. That’s what started this latest obsession. In 2002 my friend, Sarah Smith , made me a pair of wonderful knitted & felted “boots” - and suddenly I had warm feet. I feared that they would eventually wear out - I had to learn how to knit so that I could make another pair ! I had been a spinner at one point - and never once thought about learning how to knit. No one I knew knitted. Now I needed to learn. Sarah made a valiant effort to teach me. We bought the yarn and we bought the two circular needles that were required - we bought the book by Cat Bordhi “Socks That Soar”. Sarah might as well have been speaking Greek and the book might as well have been written in Swahili though - none of it made sense to me. I gave up learning to knit and decided I would just treat my “boots’ gently.

Jump forward to 2005 - I determined once again that I had to teach myself to knit. By this time Sarah had moved to Maine. I had no instructor now ! Well, I taught myself to knit - and it is wonderful ! I made not one or two but 6 pairs of those wonderful, warm boots. I have gifted them to friends who also suffer from cold feet - and they too have been warmed. I have made socks and totes and bags - lots of bags. One of my favorite objects are bowls. Beautiful, rounded bowls. Yes ! I have been able to make knitted & felted - and needle felted - bowls in all shapes and sizes. I am obsessed with bowls & bags. Last year I made 20 of them - large and small - and they were Christmas presents.

My latest series is small little bags that I have NO idea what i will do with. Sarah mentioned an internet site in one of her recent blog posts ( I just had to browse ! I found a wonderful little pattern called a Victorian Pence Pouch. Of course I had to have it. After I made a few of them I fiddled with the pattern to make it rounder and smoother - and more ‘feltable’. The photo above shows just a few of these little gems. I have started to once again vary the size and shape with blocking. Did I mention that I am also a Noro Kureyon and Noro Silk Garden yarn fanatic ? I just can never seem to walk by a yarn shop without picking up a ball or two of it .... great felting and glorious color combinations.

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Kristin L said...

Cute bags. Does the Silk Garden really felt up well? I love their color combos, and a few balls have come home with me, but I hadn't considered felting (which I liek because it covers myriad knitting mistakes). BTW, I found your blog via teh Artful Quilter's web ring -- I hit "random" and found you :-)

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