Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Journal Page 1-1-11

This is a New Year's page that I made using a Slice machine. The Slice machine is made by Making Memories and it works like a dream for cutting fonts, words and a wide variety images. It will accept embossing cards and die cuts from a variety of companies. Making Memories had asked me to do a page using the machine last November .... It was due today but I have not heard from I thought I would just post it here.

It goes along my "word for the year" = 'simple-beauty'. I would normally add links for the Slice machine and Making Memories, but I am using the app "Blog Press" to post this today and it doesn't seem to have the ability to add links yet. None-the-less it is a handy little app that works well for an occasional away-from-home post like this one. The apps that I subscribe to just keep adding more and more functionality - so I am sure that before too long it allow links to be added.

OOPS - I gave you some bum information!
The SLICE machine was used for the words. It CUTS letters, words and images from cartridges.

I used a different machine for the die cuts and embossed items - what was I
you how much trouble I can get by trying to do too many things at once! Maybe it's the lack of sun turning my brain to mush! APOLOGIES for any confusion!

Judy asked what was done with the machine - and the answer is that the words were made using two different Slice cartridges.
The leaves are die cuts from another company's design (I can
check that later if anyone needs me to) - but I did use the Slice machine to run the die cut. It's very versatile int hat way- it accepts die cuts and embossing plates from companies other than just Makking Memories. Thanks for asking Judy!


Judy H said...

So what parts were made with the Slice machine? All the words and the leaves?

Sandy said...

Great page. The slice machine might be something I need?/want.

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