Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Creative Combos" ATC Swap

The theme of this month's Arts In The Cards swap was "Creative Combos".

The task was to choose one material and one medium from the following lists:
cotton, metal or vellum
metallic paints, markers, pencils, inks

To assuage my continuing fascination with metal I chose the material metal and the medium metallic paints.  To make these cards I first embossed copper foil, torch brazed the foil and then glued it onto a heavy paper backing that I had first painted black. Next I added metallic paints in sage, barn red and lamp black that rubbed into the embossed metal with a soft cloth.  I added some Oriental themed papers topped them with an embossed matte black metal square to which I added a hand stamped brass tag. I am happy with the results and I am becoming more engrossed with metal. I'm planning to use similar techniques for some "Valentine themed" Inchies and ATC's for another group.

Unfortunately the very rainy, very dark weather as well as my own laziness in bringing out my light box afforded these relatively poor photos. Hopefully, you'll get the idea!


Judy H said...

If I was closer I would be raiding your outgoing mail. Those are beautiful.

Unknown said...

I loved your Creative combos.I am trying to learn to create embossed metal art. however living in another country terms are confusing. When you say copper foil-how does it come and what kind of shop would have it?

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