Friday, July 3, 2009

Topsy Turvey Update

Just a quick interruption, between more 'art-supply' posts, to update y'all about the tomato growing season chez moi. These photos were taken 5 days ago and the little lovelies have grown quite a bit since! It would be most unlikely for very many folks here to have this size fruits on the vine - so to speak- at this point in the summer; we are just still pretty cool for these sun and heat loving plants. At this point, I am giving a "thumbs up" to these Topsy Turvey growers. The Roma's are sending shoots up-ward and there are lots of blossoms on those shoots too. The Early Girls are still directed down-ward but the growth is lush. What I really need to go and get is some tomato food I think. I am thinking that this really may be tomoto growing at it's easiest. Next year, if they are still being made, I want to add a coiuple more of the growers - one more for tomatoes and one for a pepper plant.

Happy weekend to all and ,to those of us here in the States, let's remember how very important the philosophy & tenants of our independance really are.
Above: These are Roma's and there are a LOT of them!
They are in a bit more shade that the Early Girls.

Below: These are Early Girl's ( I think )- a beefsteak variety if I am not mistaken.
There are many small tomatoes beginning to grow. These truly were the "early girls"!


Vicky aka Stichr said...

See, this is a great reason to read blogs, to learn!!! Even about how tomatoes can grow upside down. I would like to try this too next summer, when we have the deck built and I know where the super sunny spots are.

La Tea Dah said...

Yours is doing better than mine. :( I am not sure what's wrong, but my plant's leaves are turning yellow. I do have one or two tiny tomatoes. My plants in the ground are doing better --- fortunately.

:) LaTeaDah

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