Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Playing With Golden Acrylic Skins & Didigal Grounds

Making three differnt skins on sheet protectors

My play time this week has centered around something I know, without a doubt, I will be doing a lot more of. Using Golden gel mediums as skins for their Digital Grounds. The Digital Grounds are really somewhat of a misnomer - they are enhancers - like pre-treating fabric for printing. I experimented this week with making a very thing skin with gel mediums; I used Golden Clear Tar Gel, Daniel Smith matte medium, Golden Soft Gel and Golden Self-Leveling Gel. After the skin (two coats) were dry I used some silk organza and then coated it with two thin layers of Golden Digital Ground. I used Matte white and, my favorite because it is clear, Golden Digital Ground for non- porous surfaces. I also tried treating the organza with two coats of the Clear Digital ground with no acrylic skin. I like them both for different reasons.

I should mention that I was encouraged in this play by a great on line clas from Creative Workshops - this class is a bargain, taught by Gail Schmidt. Best thing is that it is one of those classes that is ongoing - so you can watch when you want and then pick up where you leave off. later this month I am taking at least one, and hopefully two other classes from them - great offerings in a good format!
Above on the left is organza treated with Digital Ground and no acrylic skin underneath;
on the right is treated organza on a 'skin' of two coats of clear tar gel.
The 'no skin' organza' in the top photo is light as a feather while the 'skin' piece has a plastic feel on the bottom - but it is well disguised on the top and appers to be plain organza - albeit with more of a shine that the piece with no skin underneath.

Below: The print with the skin underneath on top
of a lovely piece of kimono silk from Ah! Kimono
Below: Probably my favorite, a very soft look.
The organza with no skin underneath it on top of another lovely piece of kimono silk.
I think that both effects are desirable and I will be experimenting with a lot more things - different fabrics, differnt printing techniques. I LOVE using these new Golden products!


Karoda said...

I'll just have to catch this workshop on the next round...this is right up my alley also. I have these products sitting on the shelf...just been waiting for me.

Sandy said...

Those are wonderful. I think I need the class too when things settle down.

Sara Figal said...

wonderful work! I'm experimenting with this, as well. question: when you used the acrylic skin with the organza, at what point did you apply the organza to the skin? did you let it dry and then let the digital ground sink through the cloth to adhere to the skin?

Wen Redmond said...

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