Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One Inch. What Can You Make In One Inch?

Apologies for so much glare on the metal butterflys in this photo.
I loaded the photo into IPhoto instead of Photoshop so I did have as much control over the glare. 
You get the idea though I hope!

One of the groups that I am with decided on an "Inchie" swap - and the theme was bugs. I had some passing interest in 'inchies' a few years ago but decided that they were most likely not really for me -  I mean what can you do in the small space of a one inch square? I decided to go along with the swap , however, just to see what I might come up with. Since bugs are not on my hit parade I had to choose a butterfly of course. I ran off some parts of butterfly pictures on muslin and then enhanced them with colored inks. The butterflys are punched metal. I added a painted  border and one bed and that was that. Once inch, it turns out can hold more than I thought! Making something in an inch, it turns out, is a bit of a challenge - I thought that as well when when I made my first ATC's though too - but I have to say that there is a certain certain charm to them as well. I imagine that my techniques will improve as I join on more swaps.

A Note about buying and using Square Punches for making 'inchies':
I had to edit this to add a note about buying "one inch" square punches". I had thought that it might make an easier job of creating perfect one inch squares if I used a punch. I  tried two brands; the Martha Stewart one inch scalloped edge square and a Dove Craft plain one inch square.  The Martha Stewart punch is great quality and I like the stamp but it is NOT an inch  - it is 7/8 of an inch. The Dove Craft is worse - it is not even 6/8 of an inch!! I decided that it would far easier - and it would appear more accurate as well! - to make my own - which is what I did - and will continue to do ! Now I will have to figure out something fun to do with small squares. I have an idea in mind - so maybe they will not be a total waste!
I have been having a good, though occasionally vexing, time teaching myself something about embossing metal - which was why I had this metal on hand to begin with - I had order some years ago from Dick Blick and there it has sat carefully rolled in cardboard tubes - waiting for me to catch up and need to use it! Punching this metal is a snap - embossing - and doing it nicely is more of a challenge I think! I'll be posting some more bout these embossing adventures soon!

I am also LOVING the PanPastels and will have some fun experiments to share with you about using them soon too..though I want to take my time and maybe take  some process photos along the way. YES!! I am so pleased that I was "bad" and got them. They really are a unique product.

I returned to work last week and by the end of the week I felt so depleted and tired that all I wanted to do was sleep. I made it though. My lower back is still painful but it happens mostly when I push myself ... not doing is difficult for me - and I am determined to no longer use meds to help get thorough the day when the pain hits. I see the neurosurgeon for a follow up on the 21 and then, I suspect we will discuss the advisability of the lumbar surgery. Right now the thought gives me the heebie jeebies - so I can't see it in the cards any time TOO soon!

Question of the day for you!

What new technique have you tried lately? Why did you want to try it? Do you like it as much as you thought you would? Does trying something that takes time to master become a deterrent to you or does it spur you on to master the technique?

Be well and be happy.


Kate said...

Lovely little work and only an inch! It's good to hear you're still being creative. Can't wait to see what you've been up to with your pan pastels.

My son got his snakes out of his old room, and I've been painting up a storm -- I almost have a new studio space! Can't wait to post some pics!

Sharon M said...

That is an interesting set of questions. I am about to embark on learning free motion quilting. I have never been interested in the quilting aspect because I felt it was an art all it's own. I have been following a blog and mentioned it to my Dad that a quilting machine was a whole different beast. Next thing I knew I had a Juki for quilting. The time it is going to take to master the art of free motion quilting is going to be an undertaking. I will be excited to do my small quilting projects and hopefully I will be able to master it enough for that. It will be interesting to see just how long it will take to master such an art.

I did ATC's a few years ago and you can get a lot on a small size but the time it took to do say 6 cards was tremendous. I made each card different for every trade and that was probably my downfall. I love your inchies though.

tongfengdemao said...

Not exactly a new technique, but I'm relearning embroider because I didn't know as much as I thought I did. I am liking it WAY MORE than I thought I would! Not sure about time and mastering. I tend to do things to the point that I like the results and/or to the point of saturation (then I break for days/months/years).

Inchies are what moved me to comment, though. Yours look wonderful. I'm in a stitch-along in which we're doing 100 blessings in 1" squares and I'm truly amazed at what can go into those squares.

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