Monday, June 28, 2010

Trying To Engage Again and My Continuing Fascination with an Pastels

Time marches on and I, inexorably, march along with it. I am feeling somewhat more near normal with the irritating exception that I have NO energy. I seem to do one thing and then want to rest or nap again. I am eager for this malaise to stop. I am still not sure how successful this adventure has been, although one thing is that my hands no longer tingle and go numb - so I know that there are some good results from it !

Anyway the journal page above is the first I have done since going to the ether, and although it is not up to par in my mind it was a fun experiment. Some of you may remember that I am all excited about PanPastels and this was the first time that I had been able  to try them - since they arrived, literally, the day before we left for the hospital. My plan for the remainder of today is to play some more. Yes, I did order a few more that I hope Duck Blick will mail post haste! For this page I just used some of PanPastels for a background.

Things that I have noticed thus far about these little gems: they are NOTHING like any other medium I know of. Yes, they are called Pan Pastels, pastels in pans. They are not like soft pastels that I used to love to play with at home years ago - although I hated the dust and hated always having to remember to use fixative right away to prevent the inevitable smearing (generally on myself!).  These do smear a bit too but nothing like the soft pastels of yesteryear.  I used a workable fixative on the page before I wrote on it and I had no problems with the pens clogging or the background smearing under the 'weight' of he writing. They are surely not like oil pastels either - gummy and not as easily spreadable. PanPastels are creamy, dreamy in texture, spread oh! so beautifully and, I think, have an awful lot of  possibility.  The pans are larger than I thought they were too. From the photographs I saw I was thinking that they resembled an eye shadow container but in reality they are large - 2 inch-ish - and filled to the tippy top with glorious, saturated colors. I balked at buying the foam tools - they have foam covers that remind me of the covers on eye shadow applicators. These covers though, are available in many shapes and sizes and I do have to admit that they work well. I am a big proponent of getting the best tools that you can possibly afford and so I did order some extra foam tools, The foam pads are, I really do think, much like the foam puffs that you would find in pressed face powder (If you used it I mean) and so I did buy a large stock of those in a drug store. PanPantels do offer these larger pads in a variety of shapes and sizes and so, yes, I did get a variety to try - as I can see how a rounded puff will not always produce the best results. I know I will be posting a lot of experiments with these luscious colors

The other thing that has been really fascinating to me is metal/paper embossing. I have not a totally suitable method for this but I keep trying. This is some of that super useful metal tape that you can get in hardware stores - so they use it for cars or something? Whatever. I enjoy playing with it. I embossed a fantasy of curlyques and rounds and they overlaid some color with my favorite Sharpie Poster Paint markers.

I have also been playing around with making more special occasion cards. I was not feeling up to going to a wedding for some friend's off-spring this past weekend but I did want to make a special card for the top of their package. This was about an 8 inch square and I had fun making it! I got to use watercolor, pan pastel, Sakura gelly roll markers and my favorites, Pitt Artist Pens by Faber Castell. So, while I have not been able to do anywhere near as much as I would like I have begun the road back to art enjoyment - which in my book equates with the road to 'recovered'. In the evenings I spend time working on my first lace shawl from the Cheryl Oberle book, "Folk Shawls". So I better get moving or I can see myself spending another day napping and surfing - not the worst thing in the world to "have" to do but I want to play some more and am getting tired of myself saying "tomorrow I am going to play" every evening and then not making the time to do so. Before long I will be back to work and playing will be less of an option so I want to jump on these ast few days whilst I can !


Sandy said...

It looks to me like you are creating. That's a nice page-don't be so hard on yourself. It just takes time. I know how frustrating that can be-mind wants to, body can't.

Jeannie said...

Welcome back! Thanks for the review of the pan pastels and sharing the beautiful artwork you have created. The pages and card are wonderful. It takes a long time for the anesthesia to work its way out of the system and may be the cause of your low energy. Take care! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of pan pastels, but am definitely intrigued now :). Thanks for sharing and hope each day brings you more energy.

Stay inspired!
Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

sandra wyman said...

Good to see you back Marie. I remember having the same feelings after surgery - it really does take you longer than you think it will to recover - so remember to let yourself off the hook. See it as a positive time to play. Sending positive thoughts your way. Oh and I just signed up for the Sketchbook Project!

Kate said...

OK, now I definitely want to get some pan pastels! (They should give you something for the great advertisement!). And that wedding card is wondrous! I'm sure it's really hard and frustrating to not be 100%, but you're on the road!

WildmanDesigns said...


So happy to hear you're back and feeling somewhat better!!! I'll be praying that your energy returns. This is a great post. I love your drawings and the card. Well done!


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