Saturday, March 6, 2010

Small Work- More ATC's

I've been back on a "small work" kick. I really enjoy making ATC's because they are a challenge at times. "Faith" is felted wool embellished with embroidery and a few beads. The back is made from a wonderful customizable ATC stamp that I got from Etsy.I like having my name and address already on the stamp. It's very well made. The background is a hand painted piece of muslin that I am slowly embroidering - and I do mean slowly!

This next group of cards is made for an ATC swap through Roses On My Table. I am not at all good at making cards to fit a theme - I seem to work much better when I am making, simply, an ATC with no theme. The theme of this card swap is, perhaps obviously, "Alice In Wonderland". I am so looking forward to seeing the new movie with Johnny Depp and I think this was one of the considerations  when the Alice theme was chosen, Generally I pushing a deadline with these swaps - but for once I have them ready to go before they are due! I want to swap some more cards - with no real theme but have not yet found a place that is currently hosting one. Any ideas?


This is probably my favorite - but I am thinking that not too many folks may like it. I love doodling a la Zentangle - and that's what started me off with this card. I never realized how amazing the visions and words of author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson really were - so I was grateful to have a chance to review some of his more memorable quotes! Oh! To have an imagination such as his was!



Sandy said...

Great cards.

sandra wyman said...

Yours is one the way - stitching now: have finally got there so should be posted off this week.

I think I could be getting addicted too!

Love from me and the furries including Bixy!

Zinnia said...

Yeah! Love them all! oxoxo Zinnia

SueS said...

I like the Zentangle art on the ATC. After reading exactly what Zentagle is I think it would be really relaxing and meditative to create. I just thought of them as doodles but now I find that this is considered an actual art form. As always, your work rocks!


Wonderful results,
wish you a wonderful new week,

Ineke van den Akker said...

Well done! They are beautiful!

Lisa Walton said...

These are brilliant Marie.

Diana said...

I agree with you that working free form, without a theme, is more productive for me. I belong to a small group and we trade Aceos and Postcards. We are with Quilt With Us on Connecting Threads and are the Aceo/Postcard group. We would be happy to swap with you. We do have a slide how on our page that shows some of the cards that we have made. Please join us there.

This is the link

Diana Bracy

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