Friday, February 26, 2010

Glimpses Of An Island Kind Of Day

It was a glorious Spring like day on Shaw Island!
Monsieur LeChat was enjoying a kitty doze in the sun
until I rudely awakened him and made him play with me.

I love the strong shadows that a sunny day imparts to photos




The sun was just beginning to set a bit as we returned to our island home town.
For the past almost 20 years each time I watch the ferry coming into the dock
I get a peaceful feeling and a great joy to be home.
Happy weekend to all !


Gerrie said...

Love the photos. Especially the ones of the red siding.

phonelady said...

The mister cat is very beautiful reminds me of a stray we had here at one time named tuxedo and he just up and left one day and never returned I hope he returned to someone who was missing him .

Jeannie said...

Oh you made me homesick! You can move a girl to the desert, but you can't take the love of the ocean out of her heart. What a beautiful day you had. It looks like summer!

Laura said...

Beautiful photos as always, Marie! Feeling very homesick!

Zinnia said...

Oh the kitty with all the red around him is gorgeous. I love the way the colors all pop out at you. So inviting. What a beautiful kitty! oxoxo

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