Thursday, February 4, 2010

What In The Heck Have I Been Doing Other Than Reading You May Ask?!

There are times when I wonder if I am just spinning my wheels. Times when it seems like anythinga and everything takes so-o-o-o much time. I wonder if I am the only one that seems to move theough life doing everything more slowly than everyone else. That's what life has felt like to me lately and I am not sure what, if indeed anything, I am doing wrong. I had another round of very belated cards to send out. Each one, of course done individually, seemed to take more time than I had thought they would. I was happy with them however and was even more happy to finally get them in the post. I had thought I only needed to make 6 - come to find out when I began addressing them, I needed to make 9 total. I sent out 7 - so I still have two more to go,  I am antsy to get to some journaling that is also slowly becoming a part of the late pile - and I don;t want that to happen!

I have also been working on a shawl in the evenings-. This is one of those projects that will take take some time to complete. I am considering working my way through Cheryl Oberle's Books "Folk Shawls". THe pattern I am working on now is the 'Aran Pocket Shawl'. I am using Misti Alpaca in a peau soup kind of color - ahhhh!!! so soft. I love the checkboard effect that the shawl will have - but, since I work on it in the evenings only after work and in from of the TV , it will take take some time to finish. You can see by the large number of colored 'tags' on the top pf the book that I have many projects maked as worthy og knitting! I love shawls !



Here is as good as close-up as I was able to get of the texture - it's really a nice pattern. I am planning to work through the shawls that are Irish, and Scottish first and the some of the Scandinavian designs which are generally more delicate and lacy. Lots to do - lots of  s-l-o-w  c-l-o-t-h  to work on ! Maybe that's why I feel like I am spinning my wheels - it seems like everything I am doing lately is of the slow cloth variety. Hopefully, I will have more to show you soon!



Sandy said...

I love your cats and think it's great that I have one. The shawl will be lovely. I knit to TV too at night, but eventually it gets done.

Jeannie said...

I know that I could use a good dose of sunshine and warmth to get me going! The shawl is so lovely. I had looked at that same pattern and then decided I'd better finish up some WIPs. What fun is that?! The cards are wonderful and remeber, you only have two hands and you aren't Hallmark! Have a good weekend.

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