Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Treasure From Julie : "May The Blessings Of The Light Be On You"

This beautiful piece of artwork was done by my new friend Julie Wildman of Wildman Designs. Julie is a graphic artist and suberb calligrapher. Her work is simply stunning - as I am sure you will agree if you swing on over to 'her place' to have a look at her dazzling art!  Late last year I received an email from Julie - she had found my blog and website from a link on cyberscribes (it's a list serve for calligraphers and calligrapher wannabe's like me!) . Julis was interested in buying some cards that she had seen on my website. I was thrilled ! Ultimately Julie did make my Christmas brighter by buying some cards but we also agreed on an exchange - one of my felted bags for a piece of her beautiful calligraphy. This Irish blessing has always been a favorite of mine and I think that Julie truly reflected what I feel about this blessing in her beautful rendering and art work! I love this piece !! Now I need to find a fitting frame!

I had wanted to include more close-ups and I  had been waiting for a sunny day to take photographs but the best I could hope for this time of yeat was a drier spot between rain showers - so I was not able to get too many shots. I wanted so much to share this beautifuyl piece with you now - it's still raining today too! The photos would have been much better quality if the sky had cooperatied a bit more !


Stacy Hurt said...

Oh Marie! It's just exquisite!!! (of course you knew that all ready) u b lucky!!! :)

What I love is how the script just looks like some little note you'd scribble to yourself but you can see it was plotted & beautifully spaced & the water color effect is stunning!

Wish my script looked that good on fabric!!

Sandy said...

It's lovely. I like the blessing.

phonelady said...

oh wow that is just beautiful . I love it . thanks for sharing and posting .

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