Monday, December 14, 2009

My Very First Customized Pen by John Mottishaw

As a nob to my continuing search for the perfect pen for myself, I recently sold several pens to finance what I had hoped would be my first ever custom nibbed pen. I chose master nib-meister John Mottishaw of Classic Pens.  Finding a pen that I both liked and could afford was the most difficult thing - but since I had wanted to try out a Falcon anyway I decided to try one. My next decision was whether to have it made into a cursive italic or an oblique both of which I like - one of which, the cursive italic, I had never tried. After some gentle hand holding by John's colleague, Jonella, I chose a Falcon  by Namiki with cursive italic. I love it! Now I am having a very difficult time waiting to order  an oblique nibbed pen as well. I'll probably have it on either a Pelikan or another Falcon since I have found it to be such a pleasing pen. Having a customized nib is an experience that is worth the wait - it's such a genuine pleasure to write with! It's rather a holiday gift to myself - but I don't feel too guilty because I did sell some pens in order to be able to get! Thanks to those of you who helped me finance this little gem!

Doesn't this side view really look like a falcon's head?!

Ah! Near perfection in a writing instrument!


Caroline said...

Now THIS is my idea of fun. I enjoyed the green ink, the handwriting, and the narration of how you selected the right pen.

As my dear father used to say, "Use it in good health!"

Anonymous said...

Wow..that is a beautiful it, thanks..

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