Sunday, December 27, 2009

Email Frustration: No Email Since Late Last Thursday!

Just in case anyone has sent me an email and I have not replied  - our email service provider has  experienced a catastrophic server failure. We have had no email service since late in the evening last Thursday! When I had no email on Xmas I thought that it was odd - but then again I thought that just maybe it made sense. When I still had no email on Saturday I knew that there had to be something wrong. I was just hoping that it was not on MY end! After a long wait I got through to a real person - who was pleasant despite what I am sure must not have been a great day.  All customers are affected and they had no estimate on when it would be back in service!

Today I opted for an email 'chat'. I waited patiently online - I was the 47th person in the queue. I opened a new window and surfed while I waited. 45 minutes late I 'chatted' with another customer service person who told me that they hoped to haves ervice restored Tuesday. "Tuesday??!!",  says me???  "How can that be". "Well", says she, "Monday it may be - we really don't know".

Since we have just started a new Mercury Retrograde  that lasts until January 15th I figure I just need to hope that anyone that really needs to find me will either call, post a comment here or find me on Face Book or Twitter.  Although I know that many people  consider mercury retrograde to be too woo woo, I have found it to be quite accurate in my world.  I don't think that I have ever been without email for this long since I have been using a home computer. I wonder what they will say to their customers when all is said and done. At least the hi-speed internet has not been affected - that, in itself, is a blessing!

I will be uploading some photographs and actually have a couple of posts in mind - I can't believe that I have been so lacking in the posts - I'll just blame it on a cold !

Did you know that this coming New Year's Eve we will have a Blue Moon? It's amazing when you consider that the next time we will have a blue moon on New Year's Eve will not be until 2028!! Additionally this Blue Moon on New Year's Eve will also feature a partial lunar eclipse! In North America we ill not be able to see it but still it could be a rockin' rollin' New Year's Eve - so celebrate but be careful too !


Judy Whitehead said...

I knew we had a Blue Moon coming up, and the partial lunar eclipse. I didn't realize Mercury Retrograde had started again.... that explains a lot!

phonelady said...

Hey marie i wondered what was going on you usually have something going on and I really like your attitude about it .

Vicki W said...

Oh, that is a total bummer! But think of all of the extra time you have without email!

WildmanDesigns said...

Hi Marie:

I'm sorry to hear about your email. I did send you a message to find out if you received the package I sent. Hopefully you did.

Enjoyed reading some of your blog this morning. I'm sorry to hear about your cat. I know that losing a pet is very hard.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! My niece really loved the cat card, which I see posted below. Thanks again!

Sandy said...

That would be so frustrating. Must be something in the air, because mine is "experiencing difficulties" but at least is up. Blue Moon-could that be why?

Sarah Ann Smith said...

I WONDERED what happened, why I hadn't heard back from you...glad you are well, apart from the e-mail is it back yet?
Hugs, Sarah

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