Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stocking Up For The Season Of Eternal Gray

This is a stack of books that I have amassed recently through the magic of swapping with other book fixated cyber friends. I am stocking up as insurance policy against the season of eternal gray - sometimes called Fall & Winter where I live. Fog hangs heavily here almost every day & the sun quickly becomes  a curiosity. Each & every one of these books is one that I have wanted to read - and each has been on my personal wish list for some time. This will keep me reading for awhile don't you think!

Some of these books are fairly new like "Richard The III: The Maligned King" by Annette Carson while some, like "The Fatal Crown" by Ellen Jones are gems from the past that I was happy to locate. I am looking forward to reading them all - and reviewing them all here as well.  I have more on the way - including a selection of 'old' gold' calligraphy books.

Speaking of calligraphy --- my class through Creative Workshops in 'Italic Calligraphy - A Good Foundation" - Martha Lever, Instructor -  is going very well. It really is a foundational class that Martha offers & I  see - as if I had not already known it - that practice & determination are the keys to success in calligraphy. Although I don't have the time to take from my quilts& paints to become a dedicated calligrapher I do want to master Italic calligraphy & several variations on a theme so that I can use them in my quilts & journals. In only a week - and not a whole one at that I have managed to come some ways. This photo of my piled desk tells that story - oh - and I have finally found out why a slanted board is a very good & helpful thing. Thankfully, dear friend Lauren,  provided me with this board this summer. I am looking forward to 'decorating' it splotches of ink and paint all over it in the years to come!


Toni said...

Hi there!
EXCELLENT Book selection! The Queen's fool is a fantastic book! Will you be posting what you think of each one? I always love to hear people's interpretations of the books they are reading to see if they are worth reading. xo


phonelady said...

i hate to say it but yes your bookshelf looks like mine dear what a mess mine is . I just swap four books today and get four in return . it is awesome to be able to swap with ppl . You are awesome and yes I remember the grey days and goign back to them in april or may to ohio and good bye florida. Not sad at all .

WildmanDesigns said...

You're looking like a calligrapher already! I love seeing your slant board and your practice sheets. Well done! It's fun, isn't it?!

Marie Burton said...

I see some great books in your pile there!!
I really enjoyed Kaufman's story on Eleanor, & I recognize most of the others in your pile.
and Gregory's The Queen's Fool was an intriguing read as well.

Thank you for your comment on my blog about being called to a specific (Tudor) period for a reason.. =) I've never thought of it THAT way before but I would love to think that I could have been around in that time period. Yet, I probably would have been
a simple maid, or maybe even a cat. Or a sheep, such as the pic on my blog!!

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