Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rejoicing With Cards

First let me say that I am thoroughly frustrated with the photos of this group. It's been a week of rain so there is no 'real' light and, obviously, the mixed lighting inside was difficult to correct - at best.

These cards are really a bit of Kismet. As some of you may already have read - I am a very small, very beginning calligraphy student. A calligrapher wanna be - with little skill & an awful lot to learn. & hours & hours of practicing ahead of me. Last week I got a lovely email from a very talented, very professional, calligrapher who had occasion to look at my web site (which has been woefully untended of late) - because of a calligraphy list I have joined - as a lurker for the most part! This wonderful person said that she loved my work and wanted to buy some cards - loved my bags etc etc. I was blushing and, after looking at Julie's work on her blog, Wildman Designs, I thought that perhaps she needed to have her eyes checked! Her's is the work that is wow wow wow! Go have a look and you will see what I mean!

We settled on trade - a felted, quilted bag for a calligraphy piece - plus Julie wanted some cards - count 'em 8 of them! These four are 'Rejoice' cards - the next four will be printed on vintage kimono silks & I can send them off to her the beginning of December. With friends across the pond she asked if  I could get one card off to her now. I decided to just get the after burners going and make four cards to send now so that she would have a choice. Now let me tell you how intimidating it is to letter anything to send to a professional calligrapher! I asked Julie if she would perhaps prefer to add the lettering herself?  Like - p-l-e-a-s-e  would like to letter your cards?!! 'No",  says she, 'my family has enough of my work - I want you to do it'. Uh huh! Okay - so here goes nothing ! Remember what I said about these photos? Well the colors in all of them are actually much more vibrant - the dupioni silk really shimmers & the faces are not nearly this dark and shiny - the only one that comes even close to 'real' color is the top one. That one was one of my least favorite as I worked on it - but it has become my favorite of the bunch I think...well maybe I like the orange with purple dupioni a lot too! Maybe I should not have posted these photos at all - but it's what I have been doing for a few days. I was amazed at how time consuming one card could be. Julie picked a card from the web site that I never had anticipated anyone wanting (it had been a gift to a friend)- so I had to develop a bit of  a pattern for the card - which in the long run is a good thing to have. I have lots of fun making these cards really and could easily spend hours playing around with possibilities, colors, shapes, threads, beads...it could be endless!

I added an ATC to the package for Julie- although it is not the 'official 'swap that we agreed on. Oh! that darn highlight! Ugh! The orange-y global card on the bottom still lacks lettering - that's for the day after Thanksgiving - which I should really get started on I suppose! I should be cutting up the bread to makes cubes - so that the bread dries and can be made into stuffing. Ah! That's for tomorrow - after work and, I might add, a lovely massage in the afternoon by my favorite masseuse in the whole world.

Life is good! Full of unexpected, small, joys, moment of sheer kismet & unexpected friendships.
Peace & joy to you all !
If I don't get back here before then - have a very happy day of giving thanks!


phonelady said...

I think all of your work is gorgeous and god bless you and have a wonderfull and Happy Thanksgiving .

Jeannie said...

Your cards are gorgeous and I am sure Julie is going to be thrilled. (Her work is beautiful also, thanks for the link.) Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend and Thank You for sharing your creativity. Cheers.

Fannie said...

Wow, wonderful art. Thanks for sharing. Your cards are beautiful.

Sandy said...

Your work is always wonderful. I'm not surprised that she wanted some. This is what we live for, isn't it?

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