Saturday, November 28, 2009

News On The Needles

It's that 'lovely' time of year when light is scarce and when I find additional pleasure in being able to watch the tube as I knit! As I have mentioned before, I am hat-phobic. I don't like hats. Never have and never will. That being said I am also finding that the cold is a bit more bothersome - so something about the neck would, at times, be nice - plus having the advantage of pulling something up over my head when it is pouring rain might be great! I have been fascinated by the concept of cowls - maybe it's all of the medieval reading I do! Lo and behold this must be the year for me because I found some great cowl patterns in the latest issue of Vogue Knitting Holiday 2009 Issue. Vogue Knitting also has a great new new feature that shows live photos of patterns in their current issue - so if you want to see this pattern on a 'real' head go to the highlighted link and click on "Think Big" on the right side of the screen.

I really wanted to make this cowl just as it was in the photo because I loved everything about it. Tanglewood Creations yarn is amazing. I looked high and low for it and finally wrote to the company. Sure enough - of course I would adore the yarn - it's cashmere and costs $33.00 per ounce & the cowl requires eight ounces! $264. for a cowl is a tad rich for my worker bee budget. All of their yarns are hand spun and I really admire that they employ home based spinners for their yarns. If I had the money I would happily support them! I considered using my other favorites - Cashsoft or Cashmerino - but I really agreed that this pattern needed something with color - or perhaps seeing it in color just 'colored' my mind about how it ought to look! At any rate I had some Noro Silk Garden on hand in a colorway that I am fond of - so I decided to just use that. I am happy witht the way it is coming out and, if DH ever wins the lottery for us, maybe I will try in with that glorious Tanglewood Creations yarn!

Here is another cowl pattern that I am also going to make called the "Geode Georgene" by Berroco. I actually bought the prescribed Berroco yarn for it too - but in a different colorway - Moss - of course! I like the versatility of these cowl neck 'hats' and scarves ... a fine combination of the two !

Of course I am still making my addiction - fingerless mitts! I have been lucky to have found a couple of new to me patterns that I really like. Chief among them is Susie's Reading Mitts from The Dancing Ewe.

Both of these new to me yarns are awesome and provide beautiful stitch definition and a super soft, luxurious feel. I love the touch of lace pattern that enhances both the top and the bottom of the gloves.

Below you can see a sampling of the great new yarns that I am experimenting with -
there really are some things good about the season of eternal gray!
Hope everyone enjoyed the love of family & friends & lot of good food for Thanksgiving!


Jeannie said...

You read my mind! I picked up some baby alpaca to make a cowl to wear on my walks. I made one last year out of the Merino Silk and loved it. I used the pattern from Last Minute Knits, but really like the ones you showed today and I love the yarns. I feel a shopping spree brewing when I am over there for the holidays. Keep warm!

phonelady said...

those are just beautifull Marie and I cannot wait to get to Ohio so that I can wear things like that again . Yeah snow again lol!!!

Sandy said...

Cowls are a great project. I have one fingerless glove finished!

Stacy Hurt said...

gorgeous yarns! i love hats but with all my hair once i put one on i tend to look a bit...well, lets just say the 'cowl' is much better! The redhead's cowl looks like it's crocheted in the the afghan stitch. I only wonder how you keep them from sliding off yer head? Your knitting is lovely! Can't wait to see your finished products *You better model them!*

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