Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dabbling On Sunday: Paper and Wool

First of all, please excuse the crud name and address masking job that I did. I have much to learn about PSE and no time to sit down and make it work! I am doing an envelope exchange with some very experienced calligraphers. Only 5 to exchange and this is the first. I wanted to add a lace effect on the front and back of my handmade envelope. I carefully cut out the forms from a lovely piece of Nepalese paper to effect the lace and I made the envelope itself from Bazzill earth tones paper. This is, perhaps obviously, the front.

The back with my return address also crudely erased - or is blotted, quite literally!, out.

I also got around to finishing a small felted bag. It has a cotton lining & a cotton batting. This was just a scrap from another project but it wanted to be a small bag. I still have to a 'handle' although I expect it will be a simple looped holder and then I will add beaded zipper pull.

The inside. I find it easiest to apply the zippers primarily by hand after I tack them in with the machine. I like a bolder splash of color that I can add to a brightly colored zipper!

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phonelady said...

you so totally rock my dear awesome bag.

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