Monday, September 28, 2009

Book Review: "Image Transfer Workshop" by McElroy & Wilson

Whenever I see a new book come out on my favorite technique, image transfers, I simply cannot restrain my fingers from hitting the "buy me now" button.  Once in awhile I am disappointed but sometimes I am also totally, unabashedly, thrilled with a book. This book, "Image Transfer Workshop", looked like it was right up my alley and it is ! I LOVE this book. It explores so many different techniques and presents them so well that I would venture to say that this is a "must have" book for anyone who has an interest in image transfers, mixed media, or art quilting. I think it is one of the best books on this subject to come down the proverbial pike in a long time. "Transfers & Altered Images" by Chris Cozen is still a favorite book but is a bit more technique focused because Ms. Cozen is an artist for Golden Paints. Golden Paints are my favorite products to use but it is good to have a book that covers ALL manner of image transfer techniques. This book does that and does it very admirably.

  Just have a look at this fabulous "Table Of Contents" !


The variety of techniques covered in the book is phenomenal .  It's a fabulous resource and I think, should be in the library of any mixed media artist! 5 stars on this one !


phonelady said...

always the true artist and even gets the books to prove it . Gawd I think my hubby thinks I spend a fortune on mailing books but I get so much more in return . someone who does not read alot does not understand this point of view , Oh well I guess it is something we have to deal with . LOL !!!

Joyce said...

that looks like an interesting book. THere are a few techniques in there that I want to try. Do I really need more books though?

Sandy said...

Looks good. I've added it to my want list.

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