Saturday, July 4, 2009

Signs of The Season & Kreativ Blogger

PS: If you double click on the photos of the poppy there are some amazing intricacies!

This time of year I find endless fascination in the ways that nature unfurls itself. It's truly a wonder to me. In honor of nature's great & glorious mysteries here are a few of 'her' beauties!

My friend Stacy has some of her amazing works on display at the Long Beach quilt show. Stacy has a style all her own that just enchants me. She has nominated me for this Kreativ Blogger award and, coming from someone I admire so much, it is an honor!
The associated rules are to name seven things you like & to nominate seven other blogs for the award, thus spreading the love. Here goes:

I like:

1. The comfort of friendship
2. The susserous of birds
3. The feel of misty, cool air on my skin
4. A cat's sonorous purr
5. The quiet of midnight
6. The sounds of a rushing brook or stream
7. Looking at my art supplies!

7 Blogs to give awards to! (I could only narrow to 10 ... and that was difficult to do!)

here goes:

Michelle Ward
Judy Coates-Perez
Gerrie Congdon
Amy at Passages To The Past


Vicki W said...

What great photos! Thanks for the recognition too!

Waltraud said...

Great pictures,

Robin said...

"susserous" ... I must look in the dictionary for this new-to-me word!

Thanks for the award! I didn't know about it previously, because I've taken a break from blog reading and because you linked to my website rather than my blog.

OK, I'll do an "I like" list on my new post.

Too warm for real hugs, so here's a cyper hug for you, Marie... Robin

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