Sunday, July 5, 2009

More Magic With Golden Digital Grounds

I've been continuing my playtime with Golden Digital Grounds and am finding them utterly addicting. I keep thinking about new things I want to try making with them. I am also having a fine 'ole time experimenting with using 'skins' & 'no skins'. This is a playground I may not ever want to leave I fear!

"Be Peace" was made by using two coats of Golden Digital Ground For Non-Porous Surfaces on a layer of silk organza. I printed an image of a photo that I had taken some years ago. I hand- lettered the words, layered the organza onto a piece of vintage kimono silk, added a post card back & then sewed around the card. I used a 30 wt thread on this card . My favorite thread for this purpose is Sulky Blendables 12 wt thread. That being said I am going to go on a hunt for something similar weight from my fav companies, Superior Threads & Wonderfil threads. Maybe I just love this specific Sulky thread and that's a good thing too!
One of the interesting things about this method - not using an acrylic skin underneath - is the organza has an almost holographic effect and changes colors depening on the way the light hits it!
These are my next experiments - ready for printing. Top is cotton voile coated with Digital Ground For Non-Porus Surfaces on a skin of matte medium, the piece in the middle is bleached harem cloth with Digital Gound Matte White on a skin of self leveling gel medium & the bottom piece is silk chiffon coathed in Digital Ground For Non-Porus Surfaces on a very thin skin of clear tar gel.

Go here for Golden digital ground information.
Go here for Golden acrylic mediums information.
In the photo above you can see how sheer the chiffon will be (front)- and the voile not far behind (on the top) in sheerness. The harem cloth (middle) with white digital ground will be opaque rather than having a transparent quality.
Up close on the cotton voile - double click for up close look
Here (above) you can see chiffon over voile
How thin this skin is with the chiffon!

I have to go and print now! I am also trying some other light fabrics with the Digital Ground For Non-Porous Surface - which has become my favorite of all! Hopefully tomorrow I will have some more experiments to share with you!


Judy H in NC said...

You have to come to Raleigh if for nothing else to go through the Askew-Taylor Art Supply store. Imagine an older building CRAMMED full of shelves and boxes and winding paths through the boxes and walls and upstairs to the handmade papers, pass the fabric dyes. There is every Golden product you can imagine and then some. It was like an art supply wonderland.

Sandy said...

It does sound like a fascinating technique. Thanks for the award.

beadbabe49 said...

Sounds utterly fascinating! Can I ask what you attach(?) the organza to so that it is stiff enough to go through an ink jet printer?

La Tea Dah said...

Marie, you are SO creative! I think there is nothing you cannot do!!


DOVIMA said...

i love your work and appreciate your sharing such wonderful information-- i'm curious on this one-- i would have thought fabric would have accepted a digital grounds matte or white-why did you choose to use the non-porous version of the grounds product and, more over, did you actually remove your pizza wheel or roller from your printer to do this? Thank yoU!

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