Saturday, June 13, 2009

PostCard Mania I Think!

I love making the cats in an array of colors.
Painting them has been a very meditative thing to do for me.
The cat face is a personal favorite of my drawings.
I guess that must be pretty obvious huh?!

Reminder: All of the photos can be clicked on for larger views

This week ended well. We are on our 25th consecutive day of dry, warm weather. Not great for the garden and lawns - but wonderful for the psyche & body! This week Apple performed it's miracle of swift, excellent Customer Service. My beloved MacBook Pro is home and as good or better than new. What really astounded me this week is how much my life has come to revolve around computers. Much of my "cyber social" life, my communication network & my "fun time" is spent on the key board of this machine! Who would have thought this 20 years ago?Computers then were, primarily, for office use. Few homes had a personal computer. I got my first PC in 1992. Can you spell S-L-O-W? Even then, however, it was a wonder to be able to email and use art ware programs. I don;t think that I would have been as bereft when my computer broke last week if we had an alternate machine in the house. This is our only computer. It is my computer - DH is just not that into them except for the "necessities of life" - a bit of Ebaying & some email that he generally checks at work.

I have been having a great time making cards and these are some of the ones that I have recently finished and mailed off. I am planning to do a short demo about making these cards - a few folks have asked about them & since I have more in the works it will be fun and easy to show you the basics of my methods. Stay tuned.

I have so many things thatI want to do right now that I get scrambled at times. Which thing to do first? I want to do some calligraphy study -this has been something that I have had on my "must do" list for years and I become more and more intriguedwith the possibilities of using calligraphy on cloth for my quilts. I have always loved handwriting , inks and pens - maybe this is time to apply myself! I have two quilts (one art and one traditional) that I want to make. I have paintings that are screaming to come out and knitting that begs to be done. I guess none of these projects will be started unless I extricate myself from the computer huh? Oh yes! I am off to a four day Shibori workshop on Tuesday ! It is, thankfully, on a neighboring island so I get to be home to sleep every night. The teacher is internatioanally known and I can't wait to document some of this adventure to share with you! Today, howevr, and more immediate, is the small matter of the potatoes that are cooling - potato salad on the menu for today with grilled, specially cut, steaks for some and chicken for me!

I am thankful this week for all of the good things in life, for having interests that swirl around my mind, for the blessings of friendship and family and for the peace & happiness that life has brought me.

This card is made from a photo I took during my very first visit to my most beloved home
during the mid 80's. Thankfully, this view is still the same!
This is one of the 'reject' backs - the registration was off -
but it is one of two stamps that I like to use from
Terbearco on Etsy.


Vicki W said...

These cards are great!

Sandy said...

The scene is nice and reminds me of Orcas. I love your cats and am pleased to have one. Have fun at your workshop.

Megan of Sanourra Designs said...

Wow! These postcards are too cool! I've thought about doing something like this, but I'm just not skilled at painting.

Penny said...

Marie, they are wonderful

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