Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gel Transfer Experiments: #1

This shows how pliable the gel is - and how thin it is -
although I now know that I could a lot less gel and have a much thinner transfer
First, I am still agog at Apple; still utterly amazed that my laptop was home yesterday - as good or better than always. Apple knows how to do customer service that's for sure. In doing that they have cemented my brand loyalty!
Gel transfers. They are something that I have been wanting to experiment with more and more and I have finally begun to make time to actually start m,y experimentations. This is the first one I made using Golden soft gel medium. It's from several weeks ago - so there will be many more posts forthcoming on my use of a variety of transfer mediums and methods.
The original photo was from a magazine. The technique worked perfectly much to my "simple pleasures" delight. This experiment showed me that I did not have to use as much soft gel as I thought I needed. My resulteant image was pliable like a piece of rubber; accepted acrylic paints as highlights (I painted on the back of the image) beautifully; adhered beautifully with pva glue and all in all did nothing but spark my desire to spend a lot of time in experimentation...... so more posts will be forthcoming - with more photos for description. I was short on photos this time because I wasn't sure how ,or if, it would turn out. I will begin to share failures too - it's always better to also know the down-side (if thre is one) of any technique. Adhered to a page with PVA glue - you can't tell where the glue is!


Sandy said...

It did turn out well.

Judy H in NC said...

received journal. mine has gone out.

did you brush on the gel medium several times in different directions and then 'wash' the paper off for the transfer?

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