Saturday, June 27, 2009

Carlo's Wonderful Woodworking

From the front: the top drawer does not slide.
It houses our cell phones when they are charging - and my netflix!

No- those are not M&M's in the second drawer!

My friend Lauren's husband, Carlo, is a wood-working pro. I am always grateful for his work and for the treasures that he passes along to me. Many times he will make two of everything - one for Lauren and one for me. For my birthday this year he surprised me with this very cool 3 drawer letter box. Lauren got the first in this small production line, and I got the second. I just love it. The drawers slide in and out so easily and I am especially fond of the joints that he produced using a darker wood! His work has gotten better and better - and I have received many beautiful things from Carlo over the last 20 years or so.
From the side: Aren't the different woods awesome looking !?

I have wanted a Shaker style "lap" desk for many years and recently found some specs fr it on-line. Carlo has agreed to make one for me (and one for Lauren too!) He would not accept cash so I am going to swap blueberry jam for it - I think at least a case! I can't wait! Thank you Mr.C for all of the treasures that you have gladdened my heart with over the years!

Below: another side view of my letter box that shows how the draw slides ...

Below: This is what a Shaker-style letter desk looks like. I 'nabbed' this photo from an excellent website, Norse Woodsmith, that offers a great description, photos and history.


Vicki W said...

That's beautiful! You are very lucky!

Stacy said...

Lovely work! I absolutely adore the Thomas Jefferson lapdesk too! How wonderful! I love the idea of a lapdesk, what I've got now is a piece of pressboard with a 'bean bag' thing on the back. I got it for my daughter but truth be told, I think I use it more than she does. Great ideas!

Sandy said...

Lucky you. I love wood and these are wonderful. He is an artist.

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