Monday, June 29, 2009

Beautiful Glass Dip Pens & Silks

Is this not one beautiful pen?!

I have, for many years, wanted to learn calligraphy. As I must be self taught, I try to teach myself a bit here & there, and each time I make a bit of progress. I have a long, long way to go. I was very lucky to have been given some gorgeous glass dip pens to try. The same gracious woman, Karen, from Exaclair, has provided me with not only paper & some ink but now she also has graced my with these pens that look too beautiful to use! Unbeknownst to Karen though, she has also driven my desire to learn more calligraphy! I am working on an idea that will incorporate calligraphy on various textiles and papers. Of course Exaclair is the purveyor of my favorite fountain pen ink, J.Herbin. They also make some calligraphy inks - even pearlescent ones that I also hope to be able to try some day.
Here are two bamboo pens and glass pen with a leather-like holder. Simplicity at it's best!
ps: the Buddhas is one of the first gel transfers I made some weeks ago.
It is one fabulous technique to become familiar with !

Simple bamboo dip pens - used for centuries and still going!
This is one of the prettiest, wabisabi-ish, pieces of silk I have ever seen.
Undulating waves of grays with an occasional butterfly to add visual interest!

I have a use for a small piece of this silk already planned!
I had add some photos of some of the more recent silks I have received from Ah!Kimono. As I have mentioned in the past, every month Cherie selects fabrics that for her club members. She has come to know us well. I'm always excited to see that little package arrive in the mail!
Orange on deep,deep brick red. How perfect is this ?!
This one just makes me smile whenever I see it in my pile of silks
A luscious 'wood grained' piece of silk in shades of orange - my perfect color scheme!


Karoda said...

Those glass pens are beautiful...and you have reminded me that there is a calligraphy guild meeting coming up!

Are you familiar with the John O'Neal website for all things calligraphy?

Sandy said...

I've never seen pens like that. Beautiful fabrics.

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