Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day! The Ellery Boys Remembered

Each year on Memorial Day I give thanks to all of our Armed Forces, but especially to my three, most wonderful, uncles who served during World War II. Jimmy, my beloved uncle & friend, served in the Army & never spoke much about the war. He married my Aunt Jo who was from East Berlin so I know that he was in Germany! Jack also served in the Army. Billy was in the Air Force and continued his aviation career as a pilot for the original Flying Tigers after the war ended. I am proud of my Irish Ellery family heritage. Ellery's have fought for America since the Revolution. They have helped to protect all of the rights of citizenship that, at times, we all take too much for granted.

Thank you to all of the Armed Services - your service is a blessing I hope we all appreciate not just today, but everyday.


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