Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Art Quilting Studio: Stampington Does It Again !

I think that Stampington has done it once again. They have managed to publish what I think will be another very successful magazine. Little by little, as my magazine subscriptions come up for renewal I find that I will let one or another 'go' in order to be able to buy another of Stampington's offerings. I never seem to be able to afford their subscriptions, but since I don't plan to throw these beautiful publications in the trash I am not that bothered to have to order issues one at a time online. Their postage is high $4.95 per single magazine - though I think that they do give a break on multiple magazines ordered at the same time. I had pre-prdered Art Quilting Studio some time ago- and have done the same with next, much awaited, issue of Art Journaling that is due out in the Fall. I like being able to know that I will get the magazines I want without waiting to find them in a mainland bookstore.....since I seldom go off island I would most assuredly miss out on most, if not all, of the issues I want!!

Art Quilting Studio is another feast for the eyes. The visual impact of Stampington magazines is what always "wows" me. When I heard that this magazine was in the works last Fall I had wondered what could be new in the art quilting world. I thought I was relatively 'plugged in'. I love 'Art Quilting' magazine as well as Cloth Paper Scissors....and yes, I have every issue of each of those magazines in my stash! What I am thoroughly enchanted about with Art Quilting Studio is that the voices in the pages are from somewhat lesser known artists as well as from some near household names like Sherril Kahn. The articles are interesting & engaging and there are some truly innovative catagories that the magazine plans to have as regular sections so I think that they are really opening this magazine up to many artists who might not have thought about submitting an article to a magazine before.

I loved this article on gel medium transfers -
and the small, meaningful quilts that this artist uses her transfers in are a delight

Quilting Arts magazine has always been a favorite magazine (and will contiue to be I should add) but, at times, I think they run articles - albeit new articles - from many of the same authors. Art Quilting Studio has really opened up the proverbial playing field with this new magazine geared towards art quilting. As I myself have seemingly veered off in the direction of more mixed media lately - and surely a lot more painting - I am finding that all that I am learning is applicable to the work I want to do in some quilts that have been rumbling about and formulating in the back of my mind. This magazine, to me, really speaks to many people who are "cross pollinated" in mixed media, collage, paper arts, as well as piecing and quilting techniques that continue to delight as they push the borders or art quilting.
Well known artist and authoir, Sherrill Kahn,
wrote this really interesting article about using facial wipes as art. Fabulous!
Visually appealing and tremedously informative as well - I found almost all of the articles in this Premier Issue to be valuable to me. Yes, there is space for another magazine about art quilting - and I am so pleased ! Quilts as art are becoming more and more respected and both Art Quilting Studio & Quilting Arts are truly in the forefront of the of our push for r-e-s-p-e-c-t as fiber artists!
Make haste to get your copy of the magaine before it is SOLD OUT !!


Corryna Janssen said...

If I could buy it, I would. What a threat... It is such a shame that the magazines of this publisher aren't sold in the Netherlands. I am glad I could have a look at it. Even seeing a bit of it is nice. Some is always better than nothing :-).


Fannie said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting. I got my copy today, too. Love your post.

La Tea Dah said...

I will need to trek to town for a copy of this magazine! I also enjoy the Stampington mag's. I bought the Apron issue this spring and love it! I am also thinking that I need a copy of their embellished garments mag, but they are spendy. Actually, if you consider that you are purchasing a book, it's not so bad! LOL!


Karoda said...

I prefer going to the bookstore to get my mags...there is something about the thrill of looking for one thing and discovering other gems.

Jeannie said...

I received my copy this week and love it. I also view their publications as purchasing a book given all the wonderful articles. Have a fantastic weekend. Cheers.

Jenny Doh said...

Dear Marie,
Thank you for the thorough and heartfelt review of the premier issue of Art Quilting Studio. We are thrilled that it is being received so well and I thank you for your support not only of AQS but of the art quilting community.

I hope I can encourage you and your readers to consider submitting for our December issue, which has a deadline of 7/15/09.
Warm regards,
Jenny :)

Melinda Cornish said...

I totally agree with you about Quilting Arts and CPScissors...they use the same people way too much...I sometimes get tired of seeing the same people in the magazine....somerset publications are a lot of fun and they showcase so many people.....Keeps it fresh....

Anonymous said...

First and foremost I stumbled upon your blog, it is wonderful. Secondly believe it or not I was in Barnes and Nobles yesterday and looked at this magazine and decided NOT to buy it. But I am really having second thoughts. When Quilting Arts first came out I was mesmerized by it and kept it on my nightstand. I am no longer mesmerized but still love it.

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