Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Sun! The Sun!

The sun has finally made a command performance and oh! how grateful I am for it too! These were a series of photos taken yesterday of our favorite local friends.

These two eagles. A yearling on the left and a full fledged on the right sat in these tree tops waiting for dinner time. They left as soon as the car headed towards their "table" area. Actually there were many others in the vicinity - along with a large murder of crows!

Above is a closer view of the beauty on the right .

Another eagle waits patiently for the chow line

This guy waited in the tree and then took off when he sensed that food was close
by- what a beautiful, amazing sight!

Our little sweet faced "Blackie".
He's become more gray as the year has progressed
but still retains this sweet, almost wistful look.
All of the fox in the area are shedding their thick winter coats (so are the cats for that matter!) and sometimes you can find large clumps of their fur in the bushes...


Judy H in NC said...

haven't managed to "capture" any of the local wildlife, except the turtles, in pictures. Somehow wandering outside at 5am, in the dark with a camera to see if I can get a pictures of the deer just isn't cutting it for me. Besides, if they don't scare the wits out of me every time, what would be the point!

Sandy said...

Great pictures and wasn't the sun wonderful?

Teena in Toronto said...

Alas, it's raining here today.

Happy blogoversary!

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