Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fascination Or Obsession? What Some Great Paper Can Do To You!

I think I just have to blame it on Karen from Exaclair. I simply can't stop doodling! I am having so much fun with the fabulous new Clairefontaine fine art papers that she sent to me! I doodle in the morning, at work on breaks & in the evening while I watch the tube (must be why I can't remember if I watched some shows or not!). I have been using colored pens, J.Herbin inks & acrylic paints. There are so many kinds of 'coloring things' that I want to try. I'm used to using very small brushes - and that has helped me to 'stay in the lines'. Interesting that I can stay within the lines in art work but not in life! The nuns must have missed something with me!

Also, Teena, was observant enough to see that today is my blogaversary! Yikes! I thought that I still had a few days. I can't believe that I am into my third year of blogging. I began this blog on a whim really - like so many of us seem to do. It never crossed my mind that I would become a dedicated blogger or that this blog would become a meaningful part of my life. I find it amazing that my cyber friends often seem to know my moods more accurately than the people I work with do! I wanted to have a surprise give-away to celebrate this day but, since it came up faster than I had planned I have to think about what to do. Suggestions?

I want to thank all of my cyber friends whose notes and friendship makes make me want to continue blogging -especially on the days when I least feel like it. Thanks too to folks like Karen who support keep me fascinated (or is it obsessed) with making art of one kind or another!


Vicki W said...

Your doodles are very cool!

Stacy said...

hey girl, what size is that first drawing? it's hard to tell even with the coil from the book. it looks great by the way! LOVE the kitties!

Jacq said...

I love your doodles, the colors are wonderful. Congratulations on your blogaversary, I have enjoyed reading your blog over the past few years. We are enjoying the sun down here in Longview. I think that nobody loves the sun as much as Northwesterns

Karoda said...

Hi Marie, Happy Blogo-versary! Count me in among your dedicated readers who is happy that you're a committed one else feeds my love for journals and pens and stationary the way you do...I live vicariously through your obsession :)

The palette in your doodles is fresh!

Lynn Douglass said...

Hi, Marie! It was great to catch up with your blog and see your doodles. What fun shapes, whirls, and colors! Want more sun? Come to Central California! We are going to be near 100 today. ACK!

imquilternity said...

I wouldn't stop either if I could doodle like you! Yours are absolutely wonderful. Something else you've shown me I must try.

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