Saturday, April 4, 2009

My New Favorite Magazines

PS: double click on these photos for a much better view of these magazines

I have said before that I am a magazine junkie. In fact I think that my first post ever on this blog was about the lure of glossy magazines. I am still a faithful subscriber to 'Quilting Arts' (have been since their first issue) and to 'Cloth, Paper, Scissors' as well as to a host of strictly quilting magazines, History, Archaeology, and various knitting magazines. The two magazines shown here are my two most favorite new magazines. Both are published by Stampington.

PS: A new Stampington title will premier in June!

'Art Journaling' is one of those mags that you can devour page by page. Interesting, beautifully produced - total eye candy. It is not a regularly published title yet but there will be another issue coming out on September 1. You can even pre-order it prior to July 9th with no shipping fees (if I am reading their blurb correctly that is!). My other new favorite is a regularly published Stampington magazine called 'Artful Blogging'. I have each issue as it has come out - though not by subscription as I can never seem to afford the subscription rate - but have managed to get issue by issue. It's lushly illustrated, has articles that will be of interest to nearly every 'artful' blogger in cyber space and, once again, just plain wonderful eye candy.

Below: magazine at the top of the photo if from 'Art Journaling'; on the bottom is a page from 'Artful Blogging'. Pick up your issues of these great finds and I know that you will enjoy them - and that they are magazines that you will want to hold on to!


Robin said...

Are you coming to the sewcial? If so, would you bring your Art Journaling magazines? I'd really like to see it... and YOU! Robin A.

Judy H in NC said...

haven't gotten the lastest Artful Blogging yet, but on my "list". I liked the journaling one also. I love all the Stampington titles. My favorite "date" with myself, going to Border's bookstore, getting a mocha and looking through all the magazines.

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