Sunday, March 29, 2009

Play Time Doodling

These are the things I have been playing with recently. I get a real 'need' to do something vaguely aboriginal once in awhile. Actually, I have been filling page after page of sketches to try to find something that pleased me. These are just a few of the colored sketches - there are pages of pencil drawings that I did not think were pertinent enough to post about. I have been having a great time playing - trying some things that have been languishing in my 'toy' box for some time without being used. I can;t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Play time is good!


Carol Stocker said...

These are STUNNING! Keep on doodling! Hugs, Carol

Jacq said...

I love your doodlings. Great designs and colors.

sandra wyman said...

I really love your doodles - reminds me I have set up a journal and need to get back to it. Too many projects on the go at present and need to play more. You on the other hand have found the secret of playing beautifully. Bixy sends purrs!
Oh and thanks for your comment on my blog - a lovely way to start my day.

Harmony Hopes Studio said...

So this is doodling? My goodness amazing. I am in awe.

Sandy said...

I love the doodles.

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