Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Great New Book About Felting

I love seeing new books come out about one of my favorite subjects! In this case felting! There seem to be quite a few excellent books for beginners but relatively fewer books that include some more unusual ways to work with the felting process. Sheila Smith's first book "Felt To Stitch" is one of my favorite books geared to 'modern' felting techniques. Her new book 'Embellish,Stitch,Felt' is another winner I think. The book offers some excellent beginner information but Ms. Smith also always manages to appeal to more seasoned felters as well.You can get a good idea about this book just by looking at the Table of Contents.

Sheila offers an excellent description of the differnt types of felting needles that are available and clearly explains the use for each type of needle. I think that many of us who use a felting machine may not realize that there ARE other needles out there. Thankfully, I took a class with Pat Spark that was my introduction to the art of felting and she presented all of the needle choices. If you ever get a chance to take a class from Pat - don't miss the opportunity! Now, I can cut the top off of the needles I want to use and replace needles as I need them in my felting machine. Sheila Smith also offers some excellent design and color selection options and the book does an excellent job of teaching about all of the many differnt fabrics that you can try to felt with. If you like felt than I don't believe that you wouls be disappointed in purcahsing this book - from Amazon or from your wonderful indepent book seller.


Guzzisue said...

looks like one to add to my wish list :-)

judy coates perez said...

looks like a cool book. I often get frustrated because so many books are geared to beginners these days, don't publishers realize there is a demand for advanced technique books too? Thanks for pointing this one out.

jenclair said...

This one looks really good! Perfect for you with your lovely felting touch!

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