Thursday, December 11, 2008

So Many Things That I Want To Do !

Snow Day November 2006

This was the the view from the window a couple of years ago. Nothing like that since! The prognosticators tell us that there is a chance of some lowland snow tomorrow - but I doubt that it will materialize!

This morning I was discussing the idea of mortality with my friend & co-worker. I mentioned that I sometimes feel that time is "running out" & that I am, at moments, just a tad frightened about my mortality. Maybe that's why I have so many creative 'irons' in the fire - there is just so much to learn and experience! I have outlived my mother by 11 years already as well as many friends along the way. My friend passed this this lovely little passage to me- and so I thought that I would share it with you. Namaste.

Consider the world light,
And the spirit is not burdened;
Consider the myriad things slight,
And the mind is not confused.
Consider life & death equal,
And the intellect is not afraid;
Consider change as sameness,
And clarity is not obscured.


1 comment:

Judy Sall said...

Marie, I can understand your fears... I had them for many years, due to my Mother dying way too young as well. That fear has evolved into action, and I now try to do those things I consider to be important, and let go of what isn't as much as I can. My Mother was my first creative inspiration, and at my soul-level, I share every creative experience with her, as well as others who have touched me creatively.


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