Monday, December 8, 2008

Pen Posts

This will be my last pen post for awhile - I am finally starting another quilt - another "sleep with" quilt at that - but I do want to share some of my latest pen treasures. After trying a lot of different fountain pens in the last year I have finally landed on the brand that best fits my hand & my handwriting. Bexley Pens. This company is relatively new to the pen business - they started in 1993. Their pens are modeled on pen classics & I think they do a brilliant job. It has been amazing for me to learn about pens; different body styles, lots of various nibs, the history of the brands - an amazingly rich history it is too. I mean think about it - before the 1960's there really were not many ball point pens. I have also been learning about ink. Who would have thought that there are wet inks & dry inks & that you can add a tiny drop of surfactant that can break the surface tension & make a dry writing pen flow smoothly. It all just fascinates me. I have been mxing inks too - to get the right golden green or gray green that I prefer to use in my journal.

I currently have four Bexleys - and a fifth one - and ivory beauty that I swooon for - is on hold while I try to save some money up for it. The one in the frontof these two photos is the latest that I got in a swap. It is Bexley's 15th Anniversary model - Owner's Club Edition. It's the 45th pen in a limited series of only 150. This model was available in silver and gold vermeil - which is the one I would have wanted, & thankfully, the one I got! I traded with a really nice person in California. He wanted an Omas that I had - so we both were thrilled with the exchange. and no money spent or lost! I wasn't sure if I would like the silver/vermeil - but it warms nicely in the hand and is a pleasure to write with - super smooth, gliding 18k gold two tone gold nib.

Here are the four that I have. The first is my original Simplicity model that really "sold" me on the brand, the second is another Simplicity in tortoise, thirs up is a 'Dragon' in a colorway called Brimstone (it's the 3rd of only 12 made) and then the Owner's Club - the most recent. The one that is waiting to come home is ivory.
Here are some new Pilot Petit 1's fountain pens from JetPens. At a bit less than 4" they are fully functional fountain pens & they are refillable as well- and come in a bevy of rich colors. Amazingly smooth and pleasurable to write with too! Fountain pens are really a very 'green' alternative to throw away pens....... and now it will be back to our regularly scheduled textile related posts........Have a good day !


La Tea Dah said...

Thank you for the pen information --- I am passing it along to my sons! This year my Christmas wish list is very short --- and a pen it as the top of my list!

:) LaTeaDah

Karoda said...

Marie, You have got to subscribe to this magazine-

Every time I see it in Borders I think of you!

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