Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Fabulous New 'Toy': Pilot Watercolors

Where in the heck did this week go? I think I blinked & the week was over! That just amazes me! Maybe I entered a time-warp? Where did it go? My desk at work was, in fact, more than piled with files, papers & things that had to be processed and attended to. That's the down side of having time off. By the time I got home each evening I was too exhausted to think about photographs and writing.

As most of you who have been reading my blog know by now, I love to try new things & I love to experiment. I am a gadget gal - what more can I say? This week I am trying out a great new watercolor set that I got through Jet Pens. This set is made by Pilot - of Pilot pen fame - and it is really pretty cool. There are two different sets: basic colors & custom colors. This one is the basics.

The colors or sort of like a wide lead. You advance the color by turning the top. Included with the set are 12 beautiful colors, a Pilot water brush, two small reservoirs for water & two small sponges. The colors blend really nicely - the warm colors seem a bit smoother to me but maybe that's just my proclivity for the warmer colors talking! One of the best things is that the colors are refillable --- very 'green' of Pilot don't you think? Although at first I thought that these sets were a bit pricey - after trying them out I think it is a good product for the money. The colors will last quite awhile & they can all easily all fit into a pencil case for toting around in your bag. Another 'hit' product for Pilot - and Jet Pens too. If you are not familiar with Jet Pens - you should check them out. They have so many cool products & their shipping is free with any $25.oo purchase (that's a big thing for me) plus they ship lightening fast - another plus! Lots of toys, good customer service & fast shipping - a great combination! No affiliation at all yadda yadda yadda!


StegArt said...

You are so evil, showing me these new fun things. I was very brave and quickly hit the delete button when I got my recent Jet Pens newsletter. Sigh!

Karoda said...

It looks like it would be very portable for those who like to journal on the go.

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