Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Perils of "Falling Back"

This is a card I am working on.
I'll add more things to it today.
Oddly enough it is Spring themed;
a combination of papers, paints and fabrics.

Every year I forget about how much the time change affects me. The Fall-ing back more so than the Spring-ing forward. The early darkness couples with our typically gray weather in this season to become a truly evil plot to derail me! I use my "happy light" and look at things that are filled with more bright colors and Spring-like images.

I loved the house that I grew up in (at least part time!). It was colonial - from the mid 1700's -and it filled me with peace - despite whatever else I felt about relationship issues then. I was especially fond of the basement! It really showed the age of the house - with rough hewn timbers and large, solid rocks. Even the scent there brought me images of the history of the house. The point of this slight divergence is that I thought my father had taken leave of his senses when he sold that house and moved to Florida. The house in Florida was beautiful - right on a canal. The breezes there sang to me. I loved that house too but could not understand why Pop felt the need to move to Florida. Now, however, I DO understand. Hopefully, although he has been 'gone' for more than a decade, my Father knows that I undertand this move because now I am the one who longs for some more sunlight & warmth. We can be so un-understanding when we are young. Pop also often said that "youth is wasted on the young" and now I have to agree with that as well. We had an uneasy relationship - but oddly enough I think of him often now - and wish I could visit that sunny house on the canal to warm my aging bones & refresh my color starved mind! I truly do believe that "the eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend" (H.Bergson)" & that it must be the 'gift' of aging that allows us to understand things that, in youth, we we could not fathom! I never take color and warm breezes for granted any more!

Summer flowers that cheered me then as well as now!


beadbabe49 said...

Am I having a senior moment, or did you change your profile photo?
(you look great, by the way!)

Jeannie said...

The sun peaked out here (Eastern Wa.) for 3 hours and I was in heaven! I went to the park for my walk and swung on the swings. It has been warm enough that the nasturtiums and impatiens are still blooming. Wishing you a boquet of bright, sunny flowers. Cheers.

Sandy said...

That card is beautiful. I keep saying I'll make some-maybe after seeing yours. Youth is wasted on the young.

Robin said...

At least TODAY it is sunny... Have you gotten outside? Nothing like a dose of SJI sunshine to warm the fall-back blues! I love your flower picture!!!! See you soon, Robin A.

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