Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Other Houston: Some Non-Festival Photographs

One of the best days that I had in Houston during my Festival trip was taking a day to spend with Kathy. We did a whirlwind round of power shopping. Clothes,books and yarn shops! My favorite place that she took me to was the best art supplies store I have ever been in. Anywhere. Ever. Texas Art Supply. No matter what you need, for whatever art form, they have it. If I had not been trying to restrain myself and "un-exercise" my plastic, I could have done some mega damage - albeit come home with many treasures. Having bills that I cannot pay off right away stresses me a lot though - so I was good and came home with just a few choice selections.

The other thing we did that day - and I wish we had had more time to do more of - was to go to this marvelous water wall that exists somewhere in downtown Houston. It was like a cool oasis in the middle of a building jungle. We had a great time taking photos - I am especially fond of this top photo. A studious young man and a baby carriage - not necessarily connected. In hindsight, this photo really represented a lot. The studious young man represents the present and the baby carriage represents the future - and the water wall - well, it's the water that connects, and supports us all.

I live in the country, but found so many things in this urban environment that beckoned to be photographed. So many things to see through my camera lens. It made me wish that I could, just once more, return to New York City and Connecticut where I grew up to photograph the environments that shaped me. There is much to be said for cities, and much that I would like to explore further with my camera but I need the peace of country living. It was, as always, a blessing to come home where the cool night breeze and soft sound of the owls soothed my city energized nerves. It's always a good adventure to go away but it is returning to the peace of home that always make the trip the most worthwhile.


Buenos Aires, Argentina said...

que lindas fotos tenes,

Sandy said...

I see some future pieces coming from your photos. The one building especially looks like a quilt. I'll be waiting to see what you do. Texas Art is great if somewhat hard on the plastic.

La Tea Dah said...

Beautiful photos - great perspective!


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