Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Finally Finished: The Best Tote Bag Ever!

Here's the front. One zippered pocket and a slip pocket behind that.
Also shown are the two bottle holders on either side

It's finished! I finally completed my tote made from the 'Professional Tote' pattern from Creative Thimble. I love this bag! It suits my needs better than any other tote bag I've used before. No kidding - it really does. Finally, I have enough pockets for all of my "important" stuff! A place for everything & maybe everything will even stay in it's place! In total there are 5 outside pockets (which includes the two bottle holders on either side) & 3 interior pockets which includes a large zippered center pocket & two others that can be divided into several 'pockets' each. One of the interior pockets is covered & has a velcro closure. I even have a vinyl business card holder on the center pocket - it's great to have my cards so easy to find now. I learned so much by making this pattern- following the directions was almost like having a teacher right there - just well done how-to's & techniques that I am pleased to now be more comfortable with. I highly recommend this pattern! The usual caveat of no affiliation etc etc.....
Here's the back. One slip pocket runs the entire length of the back and has a velcro closure.
The black strap with the shell is for looping onto your luggage.
Looking down on the bag you can see the zippered cloing on the top.
Oops .. I didn't finish zipping it for the photo!

One of the two large interior packets. This shows the middle pocket with the top being held up. It's a pleasted pocket
with a velcro closure. On either side of this is one medium pocket area & an area that I made two pen holders out of.

This shows the zipped pocket that is in the center of the interior of the tote.


Maggie R said...

Hi Marie,
I see we share the same "Sweet Blog" award.. How nice..
I must tell you I really like this bag. I Love to make bags and the fyunny thing I just started another one much like yours with the side pouches.. Don't you just love all the places to keep things.Tour fabric is wonderful as well/.
Thanks for sharing

Deb said...

It's wonderful! Be warned, the TSA loves inspecting hand made bags. It must be a way to stave off severe boredom.

Every time I travel with mine I get the "special" treatment and have decided to pretend to be some sort of celebrity while they paw through my stuff.

Melinda Cornish said...

and it looks beautiful too! Melinda

Sandy said...

That looks like a great pattern. Your color choices are wonderful.

Vicki W said...

Cool bag! I may have to make one of those.

StegArt said...

very fabulous!!!!

Laura said...

Wow, Marie. That bag is GORGEOUS! I love all of the compartments, too. The designer of this bag really thought of everything - and your signature style really brings it to life. Great job!

Exuberant Color said...

A friend of mine is teaching a class on this tote and then when I saw yours with your wonderful fabrics I knew I have to make it too. I have the pattern, now need to collect all of the little stuff needed to make it.

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