Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Tale Of Fine Paper: Quo Vadis Habana Notebooks Offer A Smooth Writing Experience

Size comparison between the Quo Vadis Habana and my Moleskine

Journaling has been a part of my daily routine for many years. I always had a 'diary' as a kid & I began more regular journaling in the mid 80's. For a few years I used nothing more than an engagement calendar to recount only the most salient points of my day. Gradually my needs changed & I began to require considerably more space. I began using Moleskine journals about ten years ago & they have served me well. Recently, however, I decided that it was time for a change and, thanks to a surprise bit of generosity, I became the happy owner of a beautiful large size Quo Vadis Habana journal/notebook. They are available in two sizes - a small 4"X6" and the large (what I have) 6.25"X9.50".

Quo Vadis Habana journals are, first and foremost made with a 'green agenda'. The paper used is Clairefontaine. Originally made in France, Clairfontaine paper - and Habana journals- are now made in upstate New York &, as the advertisements say, the paper really is superior. Smooth, silky, clear white paper that makes ink colors pop in a way that the ivory/cream paper in my Moleskine journals don't. The press for Clairfontaine paper states that the naturally occuring mineral calcium carbonate is responsible for the ultra smooth surface and lovely whiteness of the pages. No chlorine is used in the processing of the paper either - which really is a feat as far as papermaking processing goes. The pulp is made from sustainable forests as well. One of the best features of Clairefontaine paper, to my way of thinking, is that there is almost no bleed-through no matter what ink you use (the caveat to that is that Sharpies do bleed though - but not as badly as with Moleskine paper). I have recently rekindled my love affair with fountain pens - as many of you who read my blog regularly are probably all to well aware! I am able to use my wettest writers with no problems. Additionally, pencils don't smudge on this paper, unless of course, you want them to! These journals offer a handy back pocket for those treasures that you don't want to lose or forget & it also has a color coordinated elastic to hold the journal closed.

What about color? Color really IS important to me - even when it comes to my journals. It's always good to have choices & Quo Vadis Habana journals come in several great colors. Naturally, I especially love this orange gem! The cover material really looks like leather & it's soft and warm to the touch. I always choose lined paper for my writing journals & the Habana has what I would call a medium width ruling - it's wider than Moleskine at any rate.

I am very pleased to have found another choice of journals that suits my needs so well & I welcome this beautiful orange Quo Vadis Habana into my journal writing world. If you are in the market for a new journal or want to try one that really does offer a superior, pleasurable writing experience (with a choice of color too!) you won't be disappointed by investing in a Quo Vadis Habana!

I auditioned a variety of different pens and inks

Here you can see the difference in page color between the Moleskein on the left
and the Quo Vadis Habana on the right

Here you can see the "bleed through factor". On the top (the Quo Vadis) this is, virtually none. You can see the difference in the Moleskein paper on the bottom - using the same pens and inks.
Bleed through bothers some, but not all, writers.


Fannie said...

Thanks for the wonderful information. I, too, am a journal writer and have been for a long time. I'll check out the link. Thanks!

Fannie said...

I have a sweet surprise waiting for you on my blog. Come visit.

Maggie R said...

Marie, this is soooo interesting. I truly enjoyed reading about the difference in the journals.
Thanks so much.

Speedmaster said...

Great review, I enjoyed that, thanks! ;-)

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