Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tote Bag Update & Beware Mecury Retrograde

Front of the Tote with a small outside zippered compartment.
There is an open pocket behind it.
This is the "Professional Totebag" pattern from Creative Thimble. I finally got the front finished. There is a nice large pocket behind the smaller zippered pocket on the front & the back has an entire length pocket held with a bit'o'velcro in the center. I've started the inside now - lots of zippered pockets and room for organizing all of daily life's impedimenta. This is one of the more complicated patterens I have ever made - because of all of the various pockets - not the basic construction. I really like the pattern & the size of the tote. I have no doubt that I will be making another. The directions are really excellent, althoughb I found one step that was a bit confusing - but I might have been too tired by that point. Either way I eventually "got" it and happily stitched along. It's the best tote pattern that I have found ! I'll post once more when it it entirely finished.
If things feel edgy or if things are breaking down, communications going sideways & life in general seems topsy-turvy it may not just be "you". Mercury is retrograde beginnning today & will to be continue for three weeks - or until mid October. It's a great time to review, to go back & work on projects that have already been started. Retrogrades occur several times a year and they are a good time to reflect, review & try to just "go with the flow"; it is not,generally speaking, a good time to begin new projects or transact large new deals. Travel may be diverted, computers can get cranky. There is a lot of information about this phenomena on the web. Generally, it's a good idea to back thing up right now. Most of us have lots of projects "in the works" - so not starting anything new shouldn't be an issue right ?!
The back of the Tote showing the large open pocket area and
the black "travel strap" made to hook over your suitcase handle.

Here is one of the two expandable bottle holders on the side.

Adjustable cord locks make the pocket easy to adjust.

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Jeannie said...

I really like the fabrics you chose for your tote. It looks wonderful. Thanks for explaining why the garage door broke, the burner on the stove blew, and the cat lost her lunch on my chair outside. This is going to be a long three weeks! Hope the sun comes out over there this weekend for you. Cheers.

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