Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Leaf Mail Mystery Welcomes The First Day Of Fall

Yesterday's mail brought a mystery leaf! How appropriate for the first day of Fall. One side green for Spring renewal and one side mottled brown for the arrival of our current season! I pulled the first handy object to cover part of my address - no sense having the whole world know ! Notice the postage due stamp -- hummmmm our dear post person (luckily a friend) left the leaf for me anyway ! It's really the mottled side that I think is a give away -- giving me the best clue about who the sender is. I recall lusting after some beautiful damask on her blog. Deb,is it you ?!

Yesterday's mail brought some more goodies that I will photograph & post about soon. Gosh I LOVE real mail. It's so much more tangible and real than email. Real mail makes me smile broadly & let's me know that all is right in the real world. Lauren, I LOVED your card too !
How did you welcome Fall yesterday?


Waltraud said...

Hi Marie,
fall is on of my favourite seasos, love the wonderful colours and the silence,

Guzzisue said...

hi, we suddenly hit summer at the weekend, clear blue skies, nice and warm, then yesterday we plummeted into Autumn. yes, typical british weather, damp and miserable :-(

Deb said...

Wow - who knew it would cost more than 42 cents to send out a single leaf!
When I think of all the times I over stamped something just to be on the safe side, I won't sweat this transgression!

Sandy said...

What fun to get. I love leaves.

Georgia said...

What a delightful idea! And yes Fall is arriving here in the outer coast range of northern California as well ... Good morning, Georgia

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