Tuesday, August 5, 2008

TIF Challenge : August : A Matter Of Balance

August's theme for the TIF Challenge was "Balance". Sharon posted the color palette and then posed the the following 'seed' questions:
What does Balance mean to you?
Do you maintain a balanced life?
How do you balance aspects of your life?

Each month we have the option of using the color palette or creating something that speaks to the 'seed' thoughts. Generally, I like to try and use components of both. Balance has always been an issue for me. It's something that I always seek, occasionally find & easily lose once again! I am finding, however, that as I add years to my life balance becomes a bit easier to define. Learning the fine art of saying "no" to things that I know will throw me off balance becomes easier as does my ability to move "into flow" as I work on these themes.

I have found that this monthly challenge is really something that I look forward to. It's a wonderful, 'do-able', way to engage the creative brain in a spontaneous way. I try to just let an idea flow - without thinking it out too much. I hope that, when this year is finished, we will either have another go round from Sharon (preferably because she has such great ideas!) or that we will be able to carry on in some similar fashion.

This is the color palette for August. Sharon uses Colour Lovers to design the palettes. If you have not checked into this fantastic site before - you really should. It's really a colour lovers treat!


Sandy said...

I like what you did. Balance is important, and as I age, it is easier to do.

Waltraud said...

Like your "balance"!

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